Restarting Parsoid

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If Parsoid was installed from binary, the configuration file is in /usr/lib/parsoid/src/api/localsettings.js.

If Parsoid was installed from source in /usr/local/src/parsoid/api/localsettings.js

Copy localsettings.js.example to localsettings.js if it's not already there.
Please don't overwrite it if it's already there. In localsettings.js, add the wiki prefix (same as $wgVisualEditorParsoidPrefix in LocalSettings.php) and api URL, e.g.

parsoidConfig.setInterwiki( 'YOUR-PREFIX-HERE', 'http://path-to/api.php' );

Restart Parsoid to load the new settings:

/etc/init.d/parsoid stop
/etc/init.d/parsoid start


Parsoid logs are in : /var/log/parsoid

Parsoid won't start
Check the configuration. Any non-existing wikis in the configuration will prevent Parsoid from starting, e.g. if you deleted a wiki (even a testwiki).