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Open Nature Guides are the Web-to-mobile workflow established by the Open Nature Guides (German: Offene Naturführer).

The mobile App has several localization texts, EN stands for English, DE for German



EN: This application allows to load a large number of identification keys and nature guides that can be prepared on as open content, similar to Wikipedia content. We encourage you to browse, use, and modify what is there, but we also encourage you to contribute your own, new nature guide or identification tool.

This loader application (but not the packages downloaded by it) is copyright Marko Peterson 2012 ###ADD YOUR WEBSITE###. The code is released under GPL at ... ??

See for further information


Siehe für weiterführende Informationen


EN: The Open Nature Guides support the following actions:

1. Display a list of available guides (most of which are presently identification tools). The list is structured into a list of specially recommended packages (highlighted content, considered to be of special interest to many) and all packages (including many special interest packages).

2. Download a guide to your phone so that it can be used without an internet connection. Note that some of the packages are rather large. For those packages, we recommend downloading them when your smart phone is connected by WiFi/Wlan to the Internet and then the download progress bar shows you a rough estimate of progress. Also, we have experienced occasional download failures for large packages; we assume that these are due to network-time-out conditions, but are interested to hear from you if you experience this repeatedly.

3. Use downloaded guides. These downloaded tools largely work offline, in a web-browser like interaction. Please note that the downloaded pages may still contain certain links that require a connection to the Internet. We try to create a balance between the size of the download and comprehensive offline coverage. If you find cases where this is undesirable, please contact us at

4. You can remove downloaded guides if your smart phone needs memory of other uses.

(NOTE: THE DESCRIPTIONS ABOVE SHOULD BE SUPPLEMENTED BY DETAILED STEP-BY-STEP procedures - this requires a final implementation though.)

DE: (to be translated once we agree on text in EN)