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With permission from one of the maintainers (Ingo Malchow) we use a modified version of the KDE neverland skin, a monobook derived skin with a modern, responsive design.

Repositories are:

Life at:

First installation only: Create git-clone on biowikifarm

# 1. FIRST create a biowikifarm git-clone (non-bare) for mediawiki-core and mw-extensions (submodules):
  cd /usr/share; 
  sudo git clone http://anongit.kde.org/websites/wiki-kde-org mw-kde-clone
  cd /usr/share/mw-kde-clone; sudo git checkout origin/develop
  # make editable for root group:
  cd /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/; sudo chmod g+w neverland -R; sudo chmod g+w Neverland*

  # add the necessary resources, these are in a separate repo on kde and shared between mediawiki, drupal, wordpress, etc.
  cd /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/neverland
  sudo git clone http://anongit.kde.org/websites/neverland shared-neverland
  cd shared-neverland; sudo git checkout origin/develop

  # Create a link from a mediawikiversion to the neverland checkouts:
  sudo ln -s /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/neverland /usr/share/mediawiki20/skins
  sudo ln -s /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/Neverland.php /usr/share/mediawiki20/skins
  sudo ln -s /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/Neverland.deps.php /usr/share/mediawiki20/skins
# 2. to later UPDATE, do:
  cd /usr/share/mw-kde-clone
  sudo git pull
  sudo git checkout origin/develop

The code in /usr/share/mediawiki20/skins/Neverland.php = link to /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/Neverland.php uses a number of folders from shared-neverland: js css img nav, e.g. /usr/share/mw-kde-clone/skins/neverland/shared-neverland/js. Open Neverland.php for edit and

(temp: testing fixed path:) replace "//cdn.kde.org/" with "//biowikifarm.net/testwiki/skins/neverland/shared-neverland/" (7 occurrences)

Later use {$wgScriptPath} with is mostly /w (without trailing slash)

TEST PAGE: http://biowikifarm.net/testwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page&useskin=neverland

STATUS: Not yet working, the css etc. seems correctly references, but e.g. http://biowikifarm.net/testwiki/skins/neverland/shared-neverland/css/bootstrap-responsive.css creates a redirect (most likely nginx) to the main wiki page.

TODO: 1. Fix, 2. remove the KDE dependencies, esp. where in images.