Installation of PHP & Eclipse to debug Mediawiki (Ubuntu)

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See also Installation of PHP & Eclipse to debug Mediawiki (Windows)

Start with Installing Ubuntu under VirtualBox

Install apache through apt-get install apache2, compare debian install notes. Install mysql and eclipse 3.5.1 through Ubuntu software management. Install rapache and "root terminal" as well.

Read this: and install Sun JVM Ubuntu Software Center, filter "Java", select Sun Java Runtime. In Terminal window run "sudo update-java-alternatives -l" to see the current configuration and possibilities. Run "sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun" to set to sun version.

Setup Eclipse to use /var/www as workspace - this requires a chmod 777 on /var/www

Eclipse plugins are broken in Ubuntu 9.10 if installing just eclipse platform. In Synaptic install and "eclipse-pde" perhaps "eclipse-jdt" and "ant" (as of Nov. 2009 some packages were incomplete, prevented installing plugins... [1])

In Eclipse, go to Help, Install New Software. To the right of Available Sites click "Add" and create new entries:

Then Select "All available sites" on top of form and install:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript and PHP
  • Zend CE debugger at the bottom.

Note: to improve image and backup compression, fill unused data blocks with zero-bytes (on any Unix variant - Linux, NetBSD, Solaris, etc.; dangerous: fills disk completely, then system instable! Keep second terminal window open in advance):

 dd if=/dev/zero of=/0bits bs=20971520   # bs=20m
 rm /0bits

On Windows, to compress Virtual Box image, use:

"C:\Program Files\Sun\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" clonehd C:\Users\gh\.VirtualBox\HardDisks\ubuntu.vmdk clone.vmdk

Useful file management and cleanup notes see: Tips:

Ubuntu: Accessories: Disk Usage Analyzer
Ubuntu: System tools: FSLint (needs  apt-get install fslint).
apt-get install zerofree

OLD from Windows:

Installation Mediawiki

  • go to and download newest Mediawiki version
  • copy sources to htdocs folder under XAMPP installation: XAMPP_INSTALL_PATH/htdocs
  • under http://localhost/mediawiki/ it is availabe right now
  • follow instructions of Mediawiki installation (enable checkbox superadvisor, because mySQL user:root with empty password is available)
  • copy LocalSettings.php to the root folder of your mediawiki installation

Use Eclipse and Zend Debugger

  • create new PHP-Project and use 'Creating project from existing source' - destination: XAMPP_INSTALL_PATH/htdocs/mediawiki (because you have to debug the code on the web-server)
  • maybe it is necessary to customize: Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences -> PHP -> Debug -> Installed Debuggers -> Zend Debugger -> Client/Host IP
  • start debug index.php by using Debug As in the context menu after clicking the file in the Eclipse File browser (use Debug markers/Breakpoints in the source code)
  • important: customize run configuration (within the play dropdown) and change the debugger type to Zend Debugger (test for correct working possible)