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  • This extension is part of the subversion managed extensions in https://biowikifarm.net/svn. Its function is to transform given XML, RDF etc. via an XSL stylesheet instruction into a transformed output.


  • Andreas Plank

Description: To activate this extension, add the following line to the end of the Wiki settings file LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/XMLTransformation/XMLTransformation.php" );

Then go to the page Special:XMLTransformation, here you can insert the needed resources to be transformed:

  1. the URL of the RDF/XML resource you want to transform
  2. and the xsl stylesheet that contains the rules for transformation (this must be a Wiki page, e.g.: “MediaWiki:SMWToSKOS.xsl” see an example at https://terms.tdwg.org/wiki/MediaWiki:SMWToSKOS.xsl)

After pressing the button [Transform] the given RDF/XML resource should be transformed accordingly.

Note: the extension gives no warnings (yet) if an error occurs during the transformation or if a resource cannot be downloaded etc..


  • xsltproc command line tool
  • wget command line tool
  • tested MediaWiki Version: 1.26.2